Wthdrawn ...

Some visitors may notice that I have withdrawn the title 'Their Lordships Request' from the site, and will soon have withdrawn it from sale anywhere else. There is a simple reason for this. The story is being 'republished' by IndieGo Publishing. At their behest, it has been heavily revised and a large chunk of it rewritten. So it will reappear under a new title, more in keeping with a 'new' story since it is now over 50% 'new' as a result of the overhaul.

For those who have read the other Harry Heron stories, it will still be the first book in that series, but, since it incorporates all the improvements to my writing ability, style and so on ... One of the hazards of self-publishing anything is the absence of any professional guidance in many instances. So, my style has changed dramatically since I began to work with a publisher and editor on my writing. What produced a 'good' story for a writing course, has now been polished, and is hopefully turning into a 'great' story. I know many other authors have experienced the same 'growth' in their style, in the structure of a story and in their expertise in creating dialogues and narrative balance. So my writing has - dare I admit it - improved.

IndieGo have indicated that they would like to republish all the Harry Heron stories, which I am quite excited about, as it will allow me to bring them all under one Publisher, and more readily available through Kindle and other formats. It is a big task, but one I am looking forward to. Watch this space for the new first in the series of the Harry Heron saga.

Please bear with me!

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