Patrick was born in Cape Town and educated at Selborne College in East London (The South African one, not the other place in the UK). As a firefighter, Patrick spent several years running into burning buildings while saner people ran away. When he had grown out of playing with fire, he moved to the UK and taught younger firefighters how to do so instead. He and his colleagues called this "major incident training" or "fire investigation", depending on which course they were teaching.

Patrick now lives in Germany with his wife and has found that learning a new language is a good way to keep your mind active.

His books are inspired by his lifelong love of the sea and dreams of exploring space.

His titles include -


Science Fiction Adventure (The Harry Heron Series)



Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey - Published March 2015 - IndieGo Publishing

Harry Heron: Into the Unknown - Published 14th March 2016 - IndieGo Publishing

Harry Heron; No Quarter - Published 17th November 2017

Harry Heron; Savage Fugitive - Published 25th September 2018

Harry Heron: Awakening Threat - Published December 2019

Harry Heron; Hope Transcends - Published 1 August 2020

You can read a sample of Harry Heron: Hope Transcends here:

The Harry Heron Series Boxed Set - Published October 2020.

Captain James Heron: First Into the Fray - Published 2021



Historical Fiction (For more details of these titles visit Saints Sinners and Survivors - Patrick G Cox)


Magnus Patricius The Remarkable Life of St Patrick, the man. Published 5th January 2017

A Baltic Affair - Published December 2012

Limehouse Boys - Published July 2015

Ned Farrier Master Mariner - coming soon



Marine Fire Studies - published 1997 by the Institution of Fire Engineers

A Guide to Fire Investigation - published October 2011 by the Institution of Fire Engineers

Fire Service Leader's Pocket Book - published by the Institution of Fire Engineers, January 2017


Technical Articles and Papers

Patrick is regularly published in technical journals, including Fire Risk Management, Industrial Fire Journal, Fire and Rescue Journal and in Conference Proceedings on Fire Safety matters and Fire and Explosion Investigation.

Saints Sinners and Survivors

The Harry Heron Adventures

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