The story of Harry Heron, and his friends, Ferghal O’Connor and Danny Gunn reaches a climax with Harry finally marrying his beloved Mary after surviving the murderous intentions of those whose plans he has inadvertently derailed. They must also overcome the bureaucratic hurdles that arise due to Harry’s being, technically, 426 years of age. And then there are the strange race, the Charonians and the ambitions of their human allies …

Add in a shadowy organisation of dedicated assassins known as “The Pantheon” due to their using the names of ancient gods and goddesses as their aliases contracted to remove Harry, and political intrigue and treason …

Book Description

In Harry Heron; Hope Transcends, the sixth and final book in the series, Harry faces insurmountable hurdles in his quest to defeat his enemies and reunite with Mary, the love of his life and bride to be. Marooned on an alien planet to die a slow and agonising death with a few of his crew members, he rises to the challenge as their Commander and proves his knowledge, skill, fortitude and determination are enough to outwit their enemies. Meanwhile, his best friend, Commander Ferghal O’Connor and his fellow officers of the NECS Fleet are working behind the scenes to bring down the Charonians and their political component. Through it all, Harry’s love for Mary and her patient sweet hope for their soon coming marriage keeps him going despite all odds.



Ebook: 978-1-946824-75-2

Paperback: 978-1-946824-69-1

Hardcover: 978-1-946824-74-5


Excellent end to a wonderfull series

Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2020

Perfect ending for a series that caught my attention a long time ago because it combines 2 of my favourite genres, Napoleonic wars and British navy stories and futuristic space navy tales... BRAVO PATRICK

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