Harry Heron: Awakening Threat

In a story that takes readers the outer edge of the galactic arm, Harry and his friends must find answers to some very difficult questions, and find solutions while engaged with an enemy that is utterly ruthless. Humanity stands to be wiped out one world at a time if the Niburu are not stopped, and the major elements of the Fleet find themselves just a screen for the small ships which are the only ones capable of delivering the very dangerous and specific weapon the Siddhiche provide. 

Book Description 

In Harry Heron: Awakening Threat, Book 5 in the series, Harry and Ferghal lead their fleet of space corvettes in the battle against the awakening threat of the Niburu using technology that the Siddhiche shared with them. There are three things you need to know about Harry Heron and Ferghal O’Connor: 

Born in the late 1700s, they catapulted through time and space from the gun deck of the HMS Spartan during a sea fight with the French in 1804 to the starship NECS Vanguard in 2204. 
Best friends since their boyhood in Ireland, they're smart, savvy, fearless, and as loyal to each other as they are to the British Royal Navy and the North European Confederation Fleet. 
A juggernaut of wits and boundless energy, they show the twenty-third century how it's done when it comes to outwitting the enemy, navigating any type of ship, and harnessing artificial intelligence to their keen advantage. 


Paperback ISBN: 9781946824660 

Hardback ISBN: 9781946824677 

Ebook ISBN: 9781946824684 

Library of Congress number:2019920209 

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Military science fiction 

Military sci-fi 

Science fiction action adventure 

Science fiction space exploration 

Space opera 

Science fiction space opera 

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