Following on from Harry Heron: Into the Unkown, Harry and friends have continued in their efforts to be accepted into the 23rd Century, and find their feet within their new roles and family. It isn't easy, since they are both "celebrities" and "curiosities", instantly recognisable, and still the target of some very unscrupulous people. Nor did the defeat inflicted on the Consortium result in it's surrender - far from it, and now the World Treaty Nations face a full scale war with a heavily armed enemy who is also in possession of most their secrets. So now we rejoin Harry, Ferghal and Danny in a new adventure, some six months after their return from Pangaea ...

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In Harry Heron: No Quarter, Harry Heron and his best friend Ferghal O’Connor are cadets at Fleet College, eager to master their skills in preparation for commissioning to a ship. They’ve barely stepped foot on campus when they realize they’re targeted and sabotaged at every turn, but this doesn’t stop them from exuberant participation in the Sailing Regatta, the Gun Run, and the usual flirtations and hijinks of college life. Meanwhile, the Consortium, supporting the Johnstone Group, does everything in its power to keep them from testifying at an enquiry to expose Johnstone’s questionable research practices that nearly killed Harry in their secret laboratory on the planet Pangaea. No quarter given, none asked, Harry and Ferghal overcome every obstacle with youthful vigor and optimism, intelligence and training, and prove valuable to the Fleet as junior officers of the NECS Leander in the ongoing struggle against the Consortium.



Paperback ISBN: 9781946824035
Ebook ISBN: 9781946824042



Military science fiction, Science fiction action adventure, Science fiction space exploration, Science fiction space opera, British military science fiction


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Simon Green

25 November 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I have read all four of the Harry Heron books - they are excellent. As someone who really enjoys Naval fiction from the Napoleonic wars, these books give me that but also as an added bonus how they adapt to the future. Cannot wait for the next two in the series!
Ed A
4.0 out of 5 stars
Fun read
18 January 2018 - Published on
Format: Kindle Edition
Another pleasant read with a smooth moving plot, and characters you can root for. The only nit might be encountering another Barclay. A rename might have been more palatable. Looking forward to the next in the series.


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