Their Lordships Request goes electronic ...

It's taken a while, but it has finally come together. The e-publisher, 46 South Publishing has released Their Lordships Request in the formats for Kindle, iPad and PC/Mac. On sale through their online shop at US$3.99 it's a very affordable read. 

The process has been an interesting one for me as an author, perhaps naively believing that it was simply a matter of converting the Word MS into an electronic version of the publisher's page layout program. It's a bit more complex than that! A second part to it was the need to redesign the cover, something I had wanted to do anyway as I wasn't entirely happy with my original design. Thanks to the publisher I was put in touch with an extremely competent lady whose final product now graces the cover of both the electronic version of the book and soon will be adorning the paper version as well.

I have to say - Peter, Kura and everyone involved at 46 South - great job!

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