Publishing Milestones

I'm sure every author knows the thrill that accompanies the passing of each milestone on the road between handing over that precious manuscript to seeing the finished product on bookshelves, in catalogues and online. Today I've just had one. It arrived courtesy of Kura Carpenter, who designs cover art. She did the cover for my first Harry Heron, Their Lordships Request, and now she's doing the cover for A Baltic Affair to be published by IndieGo ePublishing.

Kura is brilliant at capturing the author's ideas and turning them into something stunningly visual. The PDF she has sent me contains eight variations on the concept she has created around a map, a sunset over the sea and a ship under full sail. The colours are breathtaking. the impact is 'pick me up' which is exactly what you need on a cover. This one definitely demands closer examination, and once someone picks a book up off a shelf, you are halfway to a sale. At least that is what a number of marketing experts tell me. I'll believe them, because I know my own reaction when a cover attracts my attention, if I like the blurb I read and I like the genre and possible storyline - I'll take it to the cashier and buy.

The picture gives an idea of the design, there are seven other variations to consider! I am going to have a tricky time deciding which to use since they are all stunning.

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