Now there's a compliment ...

I recently got a note from a friend I (ab)use as a 'test bed' for my writing. I have been developing a sixth Harry Heron Adventure while my publisher (IndieGo Publishing) prepares the fifth, The Outer Edge, for publication. The new book is tentatively titled Target. It must be said right at the outset that she was a reluctant candidate for this as her normal reading list doesn't include scifi. That said, she has now read the first 26 chapters (there are a total of 38 in the latest book), and responded as follows - 

Oh, Patrick! How fabulous this chapter is! I felt as Boris and Lenard did as the gig was launching! What an adventure! You have such an AMAZING imagination - it all reads so true-to-life! 

What a shock Harry received from the Lagan, too - it jolted me reading it. I can well imagine they might have learned a lot, were it not for the Lagan's refusal to communicate. 

I am so, so glad I continued reading your book. I am so honored to have the opportunity, my friend. What a learning experience - don't judge a genre before you give it another chance...LOL. You've converted me, Patrick, and as an avid reader since childhood, I think I can honestly say that is quite a feat. I am now a die-hard SF fan (of YOUR books anyway).

Now, if that isn't encouraging, then I'm not sure what is. 

Breaking news for The Outer Edge, is that I now have the final edited version from the publisher, and will be going through it carefully in the next few days. So far it is looking fantastic - and I am looking forward to seeing it on sale within the next couple of months.

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