Interviewed by Kura Carpenter

Recently I had the enjoyable experience of being interviewed online. Kura Carpenter, the designer of the cover art on two of my books, Their Lordships Request and A Baltic Affair, is also a member of a writers' group in her homeland, New Zealand. She has posted the full interview on her Blog, Kura Carpenter Design under the title "An Interview with Patrick G Cox" and I must say it was a different experience. I've been interviewed a number of times 'live' and the main difference here was the removal of the usual opportunities for opening one's mouth only to change feet.


As an independent author, getting noticed is always a major problem, you are up against some serious money and marketing available to the big publishing houses. Sadly, the advent of the internet and access to publishing means that there is quite a lot of very poor writing also competing for space and sales, and this tends to give all independent work a bad name.


I hope you'll enjoy my answers to Kura's questions as much as I enjoyed the experience of being interviewed in this way.


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