Artwork, marketing, conferences ...

Time seems to accelerate when you're busy. My artwork for the latest Harry Heron novel has been delayed - the artist went and got sick - and that's thrown a spanner in the works for finishing off the cover, which knocked on delaying the production of galleys ... It always has that domino effect when something is delayed, or so it seems. 

My lack of posts recently is down to last minute preparations for a conference I am speaking at and problems getting the visa, the airline tickets and all those last minute details. Trying to push forward and expand my marketing activities at the same time is probably not good timing, but then when is it? 

Speaking of marketing, I find it eats up a lot of time, but its an essential ingredient if you want to sell the writing you've invested time, effort and money into. Perhaps I can make use of the latest discovery by physicists, that time is experienced differently by people in different places and occupations, or maybe Stephen Hawking's hypothesis that we actually inhabit a "Multiverse" with billions of parallel universes all side by side. That way I should be able to engage several of my "parallel persona" in some of these essential activities?

Or maybe I'd wind up selling everything in the "wrong" time frame or universe ... As Fagan says, "I t'ink I better t'ink it out again ..."

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