An Interesting Proposition

It has been an interesting month. A busy one to be sure. First I was scheduled to give a talk at a weekend retreat for the Old Catholic Deanery of the Rhine-Main area which required a bit of preparation, and then I got an enquiry from a film production company in the US concerning Out Of Time. That had barely been attended to when I got another enquiry, this time from a UK based television production company. In both cases I have responded with outlines of the story and how I think it could be made to translate into movie or television series.

As is always the way with these things, one has to respond quickly, and then wait. So now I'm waiting on responses. 

The presentation I did took place last weekend for the Old Catholics, and was well received. It was a fun and interesting weekend. The retreat took place in a 'Feriendorf' or Holiday Camp in Hubingen, in the Westerwald. It is a very hilly area in the Taunus region of Hessen, and very scenic, with plenty of options for walking. It is also not far from several historic and equally scenic towns. I have returned from the retreat refreshed, and hopeful.

So now the key is to wait patiently (I'm not the most patient person in the world) to see what develops next. Watch this space. I'd love to see the Harry Heron adventurres turned into movies or a television series. But, having been here before ...

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  • Kura
    Will certainly be watching! Best of luck

    Will certainly be watching! Best of luck

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