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Two of the Harry Heron titles are currently displayed on the American Book Fest site under the heading of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It is always a great feeling to see your books on display on another site, and I hope to see more there at some stage. For the moment however, my attention is all on getting ready for the publication of the final (for now!) book in the Harry Heron series -- Harry Heron; Hope Transcends. It is scheduled for publication in late July, and it will be the culmination of quite a journey with Harry and his friends.

Once again Harry finds himself at the centre of a complex web of intrigue involving political upheavals, corrupt individuals in league with pirates and an alien race looking for a new host. His plans for his marriage to his long term girlfriend and fiancee, the professional concert pianist Mary Hopkins are unexpectedly derailed by his being the target of an assassination contract because he may have unwittingly exposed a major threat to the democracies. His disappearance triggers a major upheaval ...

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