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I have just picked up on the fact that a reviewer has posted a review of The Outer Edge on Blogcritics. It is always good to know that someone has enjoyed your book, and in this case the reviewer has obviously done that. It is even more flattering to read that he would like to see the whole series made into movies or a series for television. So would i!

This particular statement in the review I found particularly encouraging.

As with his last few novels, Cox has created quite the page turner that is just ripe for reading in one or two sittings. It is, as are the rest of the series, the perfect airplane novel that you can’t yet get in the airport. I read it in ebook form, and it is just perfect in that format. This is no doubt partly due to the subject at hand.

Now there's a thought to conjure with. Why not a way top download e-books at the bookstore in the airport? Given the cost of rents at airports, and the need that creates to maximise turnover on shelf space (the main reason independent authors and small publishers struggle to get onto them), providing a way people can view, buy and download a book for their Kindle, iPad, Nook Reader or to their phone or laptop - with suitable protections of course to prevent piracy - should not be rocket science. I'm pretty sure my publisher, IndieGo Publishing, would be delighted as well.

As for his final plea at the end of the review - 

And, as with the last one of Heron’s adventures, I look forward to the next outing. Why, oh why, can’t some visionary director pick this series up for TV (or Netflix?). It is time we had a good original space romp and the Heron series fits the bill nicely. While it might not be Firefly, it is fine ole’ yarn that keeps me coming back for more.

All I can say is that I'd be delighted if someone did want to pick it up and make a TV series out of the series. Primarily because I'd love to watch it myself! Should anyone be interested in talking to me about it, please drop me an email.

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