A Difficult Year

It is the year 2021. Hopefully an improvement on the year 2020, though it seems almost to have taken the attitude of 'hold my beer'. On a personal level, 2020 saw my books reaching an increasing audience and progress on two more and a couple of other projects. It has also been a year of near isolation, thanks to the Covid-19. Mind you, that has had its advantages as well. Reflecting on the isolation aspect, I have to acknowledge that it has, at times, been difficult, though with video calls now (BIG SciFi idea of the 1970s ...) it is much easier to interact with friends and family without being face to face.

The year saw the loss of some old friends and acquaintances thanks to the Covid, and the death of my only sibling -- not due to the Covid. In an age when we are used to being able to travel relatively freely at such times and for such events, it has been particularly hard to have not been able to do so.

So what does 2021 hold in store? A good question, and my crystal ball seems to be at least partially on the blink. The one area for which I don't need it is my new title to be launched around June or July. A spin-off from the Harry Heron Series, it follows Harry's distant relative as he prepares the new Starship NECS Vanguard for completion and commissioning. He has a lot to cope with including sabotage, an assassination team and plenty of action as he recovers from the death of his wife, and finds companionship and support from an undercover agent, part of the team trying to catch the saboteurs and agents working for the emerging enemy.

Captain James Heron: First to the Fray is an exciting and fast moving story and will, I hope, fit into the Harry Heron universe to the satisfaction of my readers. Watch this space for more news!

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