A Baltic Affair

Progress ... 

I now have the editors corrections and comments for the first 18 chapters and can see I have a fair bit of work to do to address the suggestions and revisions. All are things that need either clarification or will improve the reading experience, so now I need to make time and space to go through them carefully and address each point. There are a couple of things which I need to build up a little more as well, so this needs some thought.

On the plus side, the corrections are fairly minor ones, some the result of my own revisions, so they have been picked up and flagged. Now it is just a case of getting down to it. Sounds easy when you say it, but experience tells me it takes a lot of time and patience ...

One more bit of exciting news os that the publisher has expressed interest in producing my book, "Ego sum, a sinner and most unlearned ..." as well. But that is now a project for next year.

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