Beta Readers and their feedback

I have just received the feedback from some of my Beta Readers on Harry Heron; Savage Fugitive and I must say I am pleased with their responses. As you would expect there is some criticism, but there is a lot more that is positive, so now the book can move forward. I have to make a few small adjustments to the story to take on board the criticisms, but in the main, the consensus is they enjoyed it, and loved the characters. As an author you really can't ask for much more!

Here are a couple of comments from the Beta Readers -

"I like Harry. He’s endearing and gung-ho, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He resonates with anyone who’s ever had an idiot for a boss. His affectionately negotiated relationship with the AI ships is also endearing. It reminds one a bit (but is not derivative) of Anne McCaffrey’s The ship who sang, which has a similar female ship. It’s nicely done.

He is a little earnest for a 20 year old."

and ...

"The peripheral characters are pleasant. Ferghal’s rough diamond is a nice foil for the smoother Harry. Errol and Maddie also appeal. More of them, please. I like that the teamwork flavour of an old sailing ship is replicated in the spaceship scenario. It makes the SciFi aspect more familiar. Using Olde Worlde weapons, with Prof Rasmus is delightful, giving an appealing steampunk edge. I also like the way the various commanders strategise according to what they know of their opponents’ personalities and battle-styles. It’s nicely drawn." 

It is feedback like this that enables an author to pick up and improve a story. By sorting out the characters so that they are more believable, more likeable or make the reader experience annoyance or even anger when that character is involved, that makes the book. Now I can finish 'polishing' the story and the characters, and we can look forward to getting it published in August!

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