Work in Progress ...

Working on getting my websites sorted out reminds me how little I know about programming, marketing, and the clever things like key words, search engines, etc., etc. The general idea is to have two, one for my Harry Heron Adventure Series (this one) and the other for my books that are set in historical or contemporary settings. So, after a lot of running into odd little tricks and problems, I think I now have a reasonably presentable website set up titled Saints, Sinners and Survivors. There's a fair bit still to do, both on that, and here, where I plan to revamp the whole layout.

Did I mention I'm working on a couple of book ideas at the same time? Well, in between family, dogs, current world events (sometimes I think someone is stealing my plotlines for villains) and the other demands of living.

Do visit my new website and let me know what you think. Watch this space as well, there'll be some changes here and some announcements in the not to distant future.

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