Life versus Art

There are definitely times I think I should demand that politicians "cease and desist" trying to turn some of my villains and plotlines into reality. Recent weeks have provided plenty of instances in which I have had the feeling either I'm not being imaginative enough, or someone is borrowing my ideas. I suspect George Orwell would have a similar feeling about some of the latest twists and turns in political development. I guess it could be flattering ...

That aside I'm getting really excited about the imminent 'publication' of the Audiobook version of Harry Heron: Into the Unknown. As part of that project, the paperback, hardback and Kindle versions have been given a new cover, in itself an exciting exercise. Listening to someone else read your work aloud is an interesting experience, and a great feeling. As you write, of course, you have certain images and impressions of each character in your head, so hearing someone else's interpretation of how they sound is exciting.

The new cover is a great image, bringing together Harry, Ferghal and his twelve times great-nephew, the commander of the starship Vanguard in one picture. 

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