Tempus Fugit!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun ... April sort of vanished in a welter of other demands (like Easter ...) and a week in the UK visiting family, and now half of May is gone as well. So what have I been doing? Actually quite a lot, and it has meant neglecting things like blogging. Looking back though I am astonished at just how much time has elapsed since I first set out to write a SciFi story based on the concept of someone from the 18th Century flung forward in time. That was the original concept behind Harry Heron, and its taken on a life of its own.

Harry Heron is building a nice following, and I’ve been pleased to see the books are selling steadily, and now picking up some good reviews. I’ve been busy on several projects, not least polishing the MS for the next in the series. It sometimes amazes me that I started writing this story in 2004 (the story is now the book, Harry Heron: Into the Unknown). As with the Harry Potter story, the first drafts underwent many revisions, much development and a lot of reworking. But, as I looked for a publisher for the first, I was also writing the second story (now Harry Heron: No Quarter) which joined the search for a publisher, and also needed (thanks to getting an editorial appraisal and critique) a lot of revision and rewriting. That was followed by Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive, by now with the characters well established, it had become fun, with many new ideas to explore.

My “notes” for the “backstory” of the protagonists (you can’t write characters convincingly in my view unless you know their life story) became the basis of Harry Heron: Midshipman’s Journey, and so the story has developed since finding a publisher. Writing the story is only half the task, the other half is promoting it, but that is another story entirely. Right now I would just like to thank all of you reading this who have bought one or more of my books. I hope you have enjoyed the story, and I hope you will buy the next when it is released in a few months time. Look out for Harry Heron: Awakening Threat.



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