Editorial Services

A writer needs an editor. Some would add "like a hole in the head" but I don't. I know all to well that I make typos, that I sometimes create run on sentences and get so involved in the story that I risk boring my reader. So a critical editorial review is essential. They don't come cheap either, but it's worth it. I can say it has improved my writing enormously.

So it is a real pleasure when a "blind" reviewer, one who is asked to review the work without seeing any of the early drafts then posts a review like this one - 

"A Baltic Affair" is a credible, finely plotted historical novel that encompasses all possible theories about Napoleon motives and acts. It also provokes readers to challenge historical interpretation in an intelligent, dynamic, and adventurous way. Well-researched and well-written, "The Baltic Affair" is an exciting, surprising, yet sensitive novel that will delight every reader appreciative of excellent historical fiction.

It makes all the effort to tweak, edit, cut, rewrite and, perhaps most importantly, the research, worthwhile.

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