Juggling demands ...

If one is serious about writing, one of the important points is to write. Almost every writing course one comes across makes the point that you should write daily, preferably at the same time every day. My experience is that this isn't always possible. Life, the world, one's nearest and dearest, often have other demands and pressures which demand your attention. I'm having one of those periods at present.

I've been invited to review several books, I have two books I'm revising and one to finish. I've also got requests to submit a couple of technical articles. But my "better half" and I have an engagement at the weekend that is demanding our full attention to say the least. OK, it will emerge elsewhere anyway, we're getting married and have a houseful of guests to deal with. That doesn't leave a lot of time for much else at present.

At the same time I am deeply conscious of the need to keep my 'social media' links going, develop my marketing plans and find that all important agent somewhere. At least one of my 'works in progress' is to be published later this year, by an "Indie" publisher. It is "A Baltic Affair," a naval historical romance set in and around the Baltic between 1809 and 1816. The Baltic Trade was key to British commerce and Napoleon tried to strangle it. That led, first, to the famous Battle of Copenhagen, but then to a protracted campaign with constantly shifting alliances and fortunes on both sides. In the end, Britain's ominance of the seaways won through, but, to quote the Duke of Wellington, it was "near run thing." 

All in all - it's a bit of a juggle at present! A lot to do, but all in different directions.

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