Had a message yesterday from Abbott Press yesterday to say that their legal team had gone through "On The Run - A Harry Heron Adventure" and have given me the all clear - in other words there is no plagiarism or anything which could be said to be the "intellectual property" of anyone. It's always good to know that your work is not duplicated anywhere else I suppose and if we are honest, there is always the possibility that an idea could have come from someone else.

Now the book is in their "editorial review" process and I await the outcome of that with some trepidation. I have no doubt there are things that can be 'tightened up' and improved in my writing, but I just hope that after the number of revisions I've already made to On The Run, there won't be too many this time round!

Now I await the cover art, being prepared by my brother (An artist of considerable talent) in Cape Town. From the sounds of it so far - this will be interesting and exciting. 

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