An Interview with an artist

Kura Carpenter, the artist who has done the art work and design for several of my book covers, recently invited me to be interviewed for a piece on her blog. The interview has been published and can be found on her website - Kura Carpenter - Love Books Blog. It is always fun to be challenged to explain why you came up with a particular plot concept, or why a story developed as it did, and I certainly enjoyed explaining my concept for Harry Heron: Into the Unknown to her.

The Harry Heron series is developing nicely with the next book in the series well advanced. I hope to have it published early next year, and it will be followed by the fourth in the series shortly thereafter if all goes well. A curious thing with this series is that some of the stories have developed in parallel, and some of the 'science' is already appearing in the real world. Let's not even think about how the political situations are developing down roads I once thought they couldn't ...

A big thanks to Kura for her support!

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