What happened to April?

Ever have one of those months where the momentum felt like an avalanche? April seems to have been a bit like that. In between some work on the house, writing - yes, there is another Harry Heron in the pipeline - promoting A Baltic Affair and the Harry Heron series, the month sort of flashed past. 

At times it has been a struggle to sort out the different tasks, but it is getting there. I hope. Maybe. One of the things causing a slight distraction at the moment is the youngest daughter is getting married in July. So there has been planning to get there, and then, if you are going to travel for the occasion anyway, why not make a holiday of it. Now we have a young Sheltie living with us, rejoicing in the name Harry vom Goldbachmoor, our planning has to include travel documentation for him and pet friendly accommodation. Not easy to find, but now solved.

Winter is finally giving way to Spring so now the garden needs attention ... Another distraction, especially with Harry the Hound 'helping'.

Oh well, it is how we rise to these challenges that counts. Still, this months achievments include getting a 'treatment' sorted out for Out of Time so it can be peddled round Hollywood, purchasing advertising copy and space to promote A Baltic Affair, and getting a professional critique for the next Harry Heron. Provisionally titled The Outer Edge, I'm hoping it will be ready for publication in the Autumn.

Now, back to work.  

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