Waiting on my trailers ...

My latest book, On the Run; a Harry Heron adventure, is starting to sell. It's going slowly at present, but I have high hopes that the trailer I have commissioned will be available soon and will increase interest and sales. There seems to be some hold up in the works with producing them which is a bit disappointing. I've heard nothing from the producers since I approved the first two drafts, but as they are posting two trailers a day to YouTube, I can but hope mine are in the queue and I will soon have sight of the trailers for The Enemy is Within and On The Run.

In the meantime I've made a start on the next book in the Harry Heron series. With a working title of The Outer Edge, the first draft is well under way. With a little luck, On the Run's trailer will be released before much longer. It is, after all, a key element in my marketing plan!

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