Very Encouraging ...

In the slightly less than two months since A Baltic Affair became available through Amazon's Kindle bookstore, sales have gone very well. In fact, very encouragingly well. Especially as this is just one of the outlets currently selling it. Yes, Amazon is probably the largest, but if, as is possible, each of the others sells even a fifth of the sales coming through Kindle, I will be very happy indeed.

While I'm certainly not heading for the sales of someone like Reeman, Kent, Cornwell or King, it does suggest that my books are getting noticed and being read. 

I may be a long way from being on the "best seller" lists, but the book is selling steadily, and, given the market, my marketing budget and the sheer numbers of new books released almost daily - I'm pleased. No, I'm more than pleased, I'm thrilled. My publisher, Indiego ePublishing is also thrilled, so, hopefully we'll be looking at further joint ventures.

The book is available as a paperback, in the format for Kindle and for Nook and from iTunes as an iBook as well. See my page for sources on this site to check where and prices.

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