Trailers for Script Writers ...

As a Jewish friend of mine was found of saying - Oi vey! This writing and marketing gets more and more complicated. I have submitted one of my books to a site that showcases books with potential to become movies. OK, that sounds great, but now comes the complicated bit, I have to try and give the people tasked with making a trailer that will catch the attention of a script writer or film producer, some ideas of scenes from the book I would like to see showcased.

That's almost like asking a parent to name the favourite features of a child ... You know the bits you like, you know the traits, characteristics and so on of the child and you know which you love and which you wish could be changed, but they are what makes the whole. You can't always have one feature and not another. So it's time to cheat a bit - and ask some of my readers to suggest the bits they really enjoyed. Even then, I have to cut my selection down - the 'trailer' is a maximum of 90 seconds.

Time to get back to the drawing board! Er, make that 'keyboard.'

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