'Tis the Season ...

My 'to do' list just seems to get longer and longer at the moment, leaving little time for writing on my blogs. Working on getting The Outer Edge ready for publication is obviously a top priority, but so is trying to promote the other books in the run up to Christmas. That part is both time consuming and sometimes expensive. I don't have the budgets the larger publishing houses give authors, so my efforts are much more modest, but, I'm pleased to say, do seem to be bearing fruit in a modest manner.

This does seem to be an appropriate moment to wish my readers a very merry Christmas. I hope that everyone reading this will have a Christmas surrounded by family and friends. A safe and happy time. I am very conscious of the loneliness many experience at this season, and, like many, I wish there was a way I could address that for them. There will, I have no doubt, be many people of all ages who will experience hardship at this season, and regret that this cannot be prevented. Unfortunately it seems that we will always have some among us who, for whatever reasons, fall through the gaps in society. Perhaps one day, we will find a solution.

Until then, let us remember those less fortunate than ourselves at this season, and, if we can, try to share some of our good fortune with those we can. Have a very blessed Christmas and may the new year bring all you hope.

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