Time Pressures ...

I'm sure everyone else has pressure on their time available for writing and reading or researching. Just lately I don't seem to have enough of it at all. I no sooner get set in to trying to write, than something crops up which demands immediate attention, or I have to go out to fetch, collect or deal with something. It certainly eats into the time available - and I do try to keep to an alloted period daily - to write.

Then, of course, there are things like lawns, household chores, meals and so on that also interupt. OK, so I do sleep between Midnight and 06.00. Some things are just unavoidable. Add to the list the need to network, to market, to chase down tentative contacts, and there isn't much left of the day. 

Keeping a blog doesn't help either. Or does it? Maybe that's the marketing bit ...

We did take a short holiday recently in Denmark and spent a fascinating morning in a reconstruction of a Viking village, complete with the smells, the sacrifices and the longships. Plenty of ideas there for some future stories - assuming I can find the time!

The interior of the Chieftain's longhouse. The strange mound just through the door is an oven, the chiefs bed, with sliding doors to shut at night, if on the right. The room beyond has bed shelves on either side and was for the retainers. His personal guard slept in the same room as the chief.

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