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The release of A Baltic Affair frees me up for a couple of other projects now moving slowly toward, I hope, fruition. One is another Harry Heron adventure, this one - in my view - the best yet, and my revisions to my story on the life of St Patrick are also coming along well according to my editor. The Harry Heron story is the next in the series. Entitled The Outer Edge, it takes place over a two year period during which Harry and his friends must confront an ancient predator intent on the annihilation of humanity now it has found them. It has had a very good editorial assessment from an editorial review service, so now I need to start sending it out and around for a publisher to look at.  

In between I've been assembling the information to write the meat of a history of my former place of employment, and here I have the help of several friends from the same place. Recent events have shown us that there is a need to create this record for posterity, before it is all lost in the 'mists of time' as it were.

What our research has turned up to date is that while we have quite a lot about the prigins of the College and about the latter part of its activities, there is very little in existence about the middle part. This is a pity, since it covers a transition and, at the time, provided probably the only such development for the leadership of our service anywhere in the world. Fortunately there are still people alive who served there and studied there - and we are tapping into their memories and anecdotes to try to rebuild those years. It is turning into a fascinating project.

One of our hopes is that all the surviving Commandants will be able to contribute their own reflections and memories to it and we hope to back that with reflections from some of those who served on the staff under them.

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