Steady as she goes ...

It's been a good month. The launch of Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey has gone well, and we're seeing regular sales, proving, I guess, that Janet Angelo of IndieGo Publishing, is right - the market at present is for historical novels and settings. Which actually suits me, since I love history, and I love exploring real history. I also enjoy weaving that into the stories I write ...

One important thing about history is that it is NOT the 'Captains and the Kings' as Kipling put it, who are important. It is the ordinary men, women and children who strive, in spite of the machinations of the aforementioned Captains and Kings, to build their own lives, and to create futures for their children and grandchildren. This is why one of my favourite Bible passages comes from Ecclesiasticus 44: 1 - 14. It begins, "Let us now praise famous men ..." and goes through the whole thing about how these men (and women) have 'made a difference' - but then it goes on at Verse 7, to say "But some there be, that have no memorial. They are vanished away as if they had never been ..." and it then reveals that these are the folk who simply lived life, building things quietly and in hope. Though they are gone, it is their legacy that their children and grandchildren benefit from.

This was, in part the inspiration for the book now with IndieGo Publishing for publication.

I have dedicated it to all those who, having started out from positions of adversity, have managed to rise above it. I have dedicated it as well, to those who, having overcome their own adversities, have helped others do so. Not because they were compelled to, or because 'society' took contributions from them and gave it to those 'society' deemed deserving, but because they gave of their own accord to those they found in need, and lifted from adversity.

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