Sometimes it seems ...

Sometimes it seems that progress is not in the direction or the speed desired. I'm going through one of those phases at present.

The cover art for On The Run, the latest Harry Heron adventure, is coming together and should be ready, I'm assured, in a week or so. At the same time I'm waiting on a photograph for the redesign of the cover for Their Lordships Request ... and neither seem to be making the sort of progress I would like to see! The trouble is you can't rush the creative process and trying to take short cuts is often disastrous and counter productive - so patience is a vitue I'm having to discover yet again.

The entire MS for On The Run is still with my editor, so, from my perspective, I have to be patient and wait to see what changes she requires to the text before anything else can happen anyway. Once those have been made it will go back to her so she can check to see there are no glaring contradictions as a result of the changes and then to the typesetting process.

In the meantime, of course, I'm trying to prepare my marketing strategy. I knew there was a reason for my being in the fire and emergency services for my career. I doubt I could sell an eskimo a snow-ski ...

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