Sad news ...

I received news today that is rather sad, both from my point of view and from that of the person behind it. Two years ago Peter set up 46South ePublishing, and invited me to allow him to publish two of my Harry Heron books electronically for sale through his site. At the time none of my books were available as ebooks, so I agreed, and I have to thank Peter and his wife for the care they took editing them, setting them up as ebooks for Kindle and Adobe. 

Sales have not been 'stupendous' and though they have sold, Peter simply hasn't managed to make the enterprise pay, so he has taken the decision to close it down. I cannot fault that, though it does mean I shall now have to look into taking on the task of republishing Their Lordships Request on Kindle and perhaps Nook and iBook. Not being a techy on these things, and not having looked into the skills required for layouts and internal design, I shall have to see what I can achieve with this.

Another job on the "Things to do today" list.  

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