Publisher's Assessment for film or TV conversion

Xlibris, publisher of The Enemy is Within! have forwarded an assessment by a professional script writer of the story as a potential script or scripts for film or television. I have to say it is very encouraging, even though there are a number of suggestions for improving elements. It is encouraging to see that this, the second of my novels to be written, comes out so well in this assessment. The suggestions regarding the development of the characters, has already been done. In On the Run, Harry is expanded by playing up some of his faults and his companions and friends have been filled out a bit as well. 

The appraisal has been uploaded to a site used by film makers, scriptwriters and agents, so I would hope that it gets noticed. Of course, there are no guarantees in any of this. There never is with marketting, but there is less chance of success if you don't. So, as the saying is, having cast my bread upon the waters, now I wait in hope!

That said, I have sent copies of all the books to someone in the film industry that I know and have helped in the past. Hopefully she will bring it to the attention of someone else, and the snowball will begin to roll ...

The assessment can be accessed through this link. The_Enemy_is_Within-XLUK-KS_Proof-1.pdf 

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