Publication a step closer ...

The publication of A Baltic Affair has moved a step closer. We are now in the final editing process and hopefully we're at the final sprint to the finish now. I had originally hoped it would all come together in time to appear in October, but, as ever, that was over optimistic of me. Now I've completed the rewrites and additions the editor wanted, she's gone through them, and hopefully we're there.

It will be good to see the book in print and in e-format. It will be released on Kindle, B&N's version and on iTunes Books. I must admit I'm looking forward to it. It was fun to write, it was a challenge to get some of the rewrites right, and even more of a challenge to add the bits the editor felt were lacking, but now I've finished, I have to admit I enjoyed it and think the story is much better for the additions.

Watch this space, I hope to be able to announce its appearance in all its splendour soon!

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