Positive feedback from the Beta Readers

Here we are at the beginning of March, and getting ever closer to the publication of Harry Heron; Into The Unknown now in the final editing and proof reading processes. It has been with eight Beta Readers for the last couple of weeks, and we now have all their comments, all overwhelmingly positive. Some suggestions for clearer relationships, expansion or removal of descriptions or dialogue have been received and considered, and now we are in the final stages of publication.

So, it is hugely encouraging to receive this sort of response from a Beta Reader who is not a reader of fiction of any sort ...

·         Did I enjoy reading “Into the Unknown”?  I don’t often read fiction - as I mentioned on the telephone when you first ask me if I would give it a read. However, once I started reading, the story fascinated me. Would Harry return back home in 1804 – and if so – how? Would his father’s visit to the vessel in Portsmouth result in the Major being catapulted into the future? I read on seeking the answers and almost became part of the story. I thought the finding of his Father’s letter a very nice touch. Even with technology we cannot communicate with others back in time but with an old fashion letter we can communicate with others in the future. I also noted a number of references to lost knowledge.

·         Do I think that any changes should be made to the script?  No, never change a winning formula.

So, watch this space. Tentatively we hope to launch the book on the 17th March - St Patrick's Day.

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