ON the RUN now in the online sellers ...

I have to say that Abbott Press have certainly not wasted any time in getting ON the RUN onto all the online sellers lists. Having done a trawl around I find it is now listed in all its formats on the Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble and their own online store. I've just finished building the links to all the sellers sites in my suppliers pages here so now readers can find it quickly and easily by "clicking the link" of their choice.

Abbott have produced a good looking book. It has a really well laid out look to it, the spacing and font is good and - dare I say it - I think readers will enjoy the story all the more because of it. It is available in Hardback, Paperback and as an eBook. At present it is listed only by Abbott Press as an eBook, but it will hopefully also be available to Amazon and B&N's eReaders in due course.

It can, of course, be ordered through the High Street stores such as Waterstones, W H Smiths and others. It is now on all the catalogues so they should be able to find it if you prefer to browse in a booklined brick and mortar environment instead of in cyberspace!

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