Off to a Great Start

The year is off to a great start from my perspective - Amazon has A Baltic Affair listed as available in the paperback format and I'm assured the e-formats will be on sale early next week. IndieGo ePublishing has done a great job of the design, inside and out, and Kura Carpenter's cover image is superb. Lightning source are the printers for IndieGo and I have to say they've done a great job as well.

All that remains now is for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, et al to get the book set up and on their sales sites.

Best New Year present an author can get I think.

From the back cover - 

Captain Petroc Gray, commander of the ship-rigged sloop of war, HMS Kestrel, 22 guns, finds himself drawn into diplomacy, intrigue and espionage when he rescues the Freiherr von Dieffenbach and his family off the island of Rügen in the Baltic. The Freiherr proves to be an important and valuable connection in the struggle to beat the Napoleonic Continental blockade of British trade, and Petroc finds romance in the person of the Freiherr's daughter ...

But the shifting sands and changing moods of the Baltic and the North Sea coast are the least of the couple's problems as they navigate their way through the changing political alliances of the Northern European and Scandinavian states. Petroc must deal with his own family problems while taking care of his ship's company, the Freiherr's 'connections' and his Admiral's orders.

War, sea battles, storms, death and Napoleon's 'hundred days' leading to the defeat at Waterloo all conspire to frustrate Petroc's intention to seek Silke's hand in marriage right to the last ...

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