Nothing like holding a book

My "Author Copies" of On the Run arrived today and yesterday. There's nothing quite like holding a hard copy of your own book to give you satisfaction. Writing it takes a lot of effort, revising, polishing and editing take even more - and then its out of your hands and the publisher gets to do some more polishing tweaking and setting up. OK, you get to see the Galleys, correct the Galleys, and hopefully, between you and the proof reader, catch all the funny little quirks that creep into formatting between various versions of Word, Pagemaker and Publishing Pro or whichever program your publisher uses.

The book looks good. It feels good in my hand and I certainly hope to see it eventually gracing someone's bookshelves. It is selling online, I know this because several people have told me they have ordered it, bought it or are reading it and I know the only place they could have done that here in Germany is online!

Now I have some hard copies to distribute I feel a visit or three to local and national booksellers coming on. Somewhere there is a shelf with a place for my books ... 

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