New Year Resolution

Now that 2015 is gone, I find myself in 2016 with several projects and one New Year resolution. The resolution is a simple one. Make sure I blog regularly! The projects are coming along nicely, largely because they have some deadlines, and the whizzing sound of their approach is keeping me on my toes! The first of these is the total revision -- perhaps rewrite -- of Out of Time. It is now in the final stages of preparation for publication and I have to admit that it is vastly different to my original.

On the projects front, I am co-authoring a work of historical fiction with my editor and publisher Janet Angelo, who developed the idea for a three-book family saga series set in the mid-Victorian period in England and South Africa, a sweeping work of historical fiction replete with romance, sea-going action, and drama. Yes, 2015 has been a productive year. My books are selling. Leading the pack is Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey, with A Baltic Affair also selling steadily. The Outer Edge has picked up a following, and Limehouse Boys is also moving slowly. All in all, I'm really pleased that readers are buying and enjoying all the effort that has gone into producing these books. It makes me even more hopeful that the 'new' title Harry Heron: Into the Unknown, which replaces Out of Time, will find favour among those who are already reading Midshipman's Journey and The Outer Edge

In a continuing effort to bring my early books up to the same standard I have achieved with the guidance of my publisher and editor, The Enemy is Within, another of my withdrawn titles, is being completely rewritten and will now reappear as two novels. A separate project is the development of a Pocket Book for Fire Officers which I am developing as a simple guide for junior officers of the fire and rescue services. It is proving to be an interesting project, and one my former professional Institute has an interest in.

So, standing at the start of the year 2016, I seem to have quite a plateful of things to do - so I better get on with doing them.

Happy new year to all my readers. Watch this space for the announcement of the release date of Harry Heron: Into the Unknown - coming soon to Kindle, Nook, Google Plus, iBooks and, of course, paperback.

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