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I'm delighted to see that the artist who did such a magnificent job on the design of the cover for "Their Lordships Request ..." now has her own blog advertising her capabilities. Kura is a really good designer when it comes to picking out the right images to convey the message you want and the layout of text and essential information in  and around it.

It was a real pleasure working with her on the cover, and I'm now in the process of discussing another with her. Though she's based in New Zealand, the internet makes it dead easy to discuss anything and everything about the design, the concept and the content of the story your cover will represent to a potential reader. I've always believed that the cover HAS to be striking. It must draw the potential reader's eye and make them pick the book up asking themselves the question, "wonder what this will be like?" 

In my experience, watching browsers in various bookshops over the years, once someone picks up a book you've got a good chance they'll read the blurb on the back, sample a couple of pages - and in many cases, buy it.

Kura's cover designs certainly have that "pick me up" factor. Yep, I'm happy with that!

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