Making headway?

Not really. Apart from having reawakened an old back injury and having to spend several days keeping very still and as horizontal as possible, I'm having a running battle with Apple. Yes, I use an iMac and a MacBook and I certainly don't want to change back to the alternative. The problem is I need to upgrade from my present Operating System to the latest version to the Lion OS X. Easy, you'd think. Buy the upgrade, download or receive the CD-Rom and upgrade.

Apple don't work that way. First of all they won't allow me to buy the upgrade using my UK credit card. As I live in Germany, I MUST buy it from the German App Store and that will only accept a German Credit Card. Not even my Amex card is acceptable. OK, so we go with an alternative, except they don't accept PayPal either, so I have to open a new account with ClickandBuy, not the company I would consider either the most helpful or the most user friendly.

So we go that route and now the next little problem arises. For some reason, the App Store won't recognise my password. OK, we change it. Still no joy. Try again - "Your Account has been suspended due to too many failed attempts to log-in." Phone Apple, several minutes on the line, several bewildered young assistants, try again to log-in. Bingo. Buy the upgrade! Can I have it on CD-Rom?

No, it can only be downloaded. Immediate problem, with the download speed available from my supplier at my location, this will take three days. That's right, three DAYS. Contact Apple again. Sorry, that's our ploicy, no discs, it can only be downloaded.

In other words, as far as the Apple executives are concerned, take it or leave it. Not exactly what I would have expected from a cutting edge company. It seems that my only alternative at present is to go out and buy a completely new iMac with the Lion OS X installed. Not something I'm prepared to do, even though this means I cannot, at present, convert my books to the format necessary for selling them on iTunes Books - because the program I need, iBook Author, can only run on Lion OS X.

Perhaps this is a cautionary tale. 

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