July? Whaddayameanitsjuly?

There is so much happening around here at the moment it's getting difficult to keep up. Harry vom Goldbachmoor, my Sheltie minder, insists he take me for at least one walk a day. The trouble is, being a working dog, his idea of a short ramble and mine are on different scales. Add to this the fact my youngest daughter is getting married in three weeks time, and has asked me to preach at her wedding. OK, that one is relatively straight forward, the problem is I live in Germany, she lives in the UK, and we have to get a 'passport' completed for Harry as well. 

That's not really a major problem, he already has all his paperwork, but, the tricky bit is he must have one final dose for a type of worm five days before we leave. And the vet has to certify that it 'took' before we can go. Add to these little disruptions, having our kitchen refurbished, trying to revise a major novel draft, marketing, gardening and all the other bits and pieces that make the world go round, and I begin to think maybe I should stop something. The question is what? Writing is my pleasure, so is Harry, and the walks, the garden ...

At least I know I'm not alone in my struggle to keep up. Everyone seems to be saying something similar. One small pleasure today, is to announce a small change in my sidebar, to mark the creation of a new website, by a fellow author, the poet Darryl Ashton. Darryl describes himself as a 'comic' poet, and his verses are witty, sometimes a little sarcastic and often a unique take on the daily life of the world and the UK in particular. Do try the link here, or the sidebar, and take a look at his work. 

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