Juggling Projects - Again

With A Baltic Affair in the hands of the publisher's editors, I have three other projects lumbering along at the moment. One is another Harry Heron tale, taking shape slowly, the second is that I'm trying to put together a service booklet in English and German for our wedding blessing in September and the third is a new one, a 'history' of my former place on employment. It's to be a bit more than a straight history, we are trying to include memories and points of view from students, staff, former Commandants, Inspectors and so on. The easiest bit, is the 'history.' We've plenty of material and lots of photographs, but the real challenge is to get the views, memories and opinions of events of people who actually worked there.

Now I'm going to be all mysterious. I'm not going to name either the place or the working title for the book. It's still in a concept stage but we do have a sponsor in view and are pretty sure we'll get the support. Once I have that confirmation there will be more to say here as it develops. It promises to be a very interesting project and it is starting to take on a shape and form. Soon, no doubt, it will take on a drive toward deadlines ...

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