Great Review of Their Lordships Request ...

I am very pleased to be able to say that I am flattered by a very good review of Their Lordships Request ... which has appeared on the website The Fyddeye Guide. The author, Joe Follansbee, is a noted naval historian specialising in American Maritime history. His comments regarding the historic seafaring aspects of the book are a compliment indeed.

The full review can be seen by following the link to the website above. Two exerpts I find particularly encouraging - 

 Cox is at his best as Harry goes into battle with pirates, which attack one of the prison ships with a xebec, a ship with two means of propulsion: lateen sails and oars. Cox has mastered the culture and language of the period in both description and dialog. The final moments of the xebec skirmish are truly exciting, ending with an image that reminds the reader of the horrible fate of slaves on the losing side.


However,Cox weaves an interesting, but separate thread into this novel, a parallel story of the launching of a large spacecraft in orbit above Mars. The year is 2202, and the warship Vanguard is fitting out for its first assignment under the command of Captain James O’Niall Heron.

I do commend to readers, a visit to The Fyddeye Guide which has a wealth of other links and resources for those interested in the sea, sea stories and other sea related matters.

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