Getting your book noticed

It is nice to see your book getting promoted on various websites. I follow New Book Journal, a site where authors and publishers can announce new books, has now listed Limehouse Boys. As the site enjoys a very high 'traffic' rate, this serves a great purpose for those listed there as the 'hit' rate increases when you are listed on a high traffic site. 

It is very encouraging to see that the book is also moving up the Amazon ranking slowly. While that doesn't necessarily indicate sales, it does mean people are looking for it and at it on their pages. As I learned many years ago from a marketing specialist, one can generally expect about 10% of any enquiries to become sales, so the more people look at it, the better the sales are likely to be. The biggest problem any author faces these days is actually getting noticed, so I take the view that every little hit counts, every time someone 'looks' helps.

Now I better get back to work. Several story ideas to develop, and some more editing to do so I can relaunch some of my 'out of print' titles ...


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