Feels like a treadmill ...

Someone once said if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it must be a duck. So, if it feels like a treadmill, it must be - right? Not necessarily, but it certainly seems like it. Chasing up enquiries, marketing activities, writing, and coping with our new pup are keeping me very active at present. Someone once told me that it's good to be busy - it means you're alive and making progress.

OK, but the converse of that is the swan - serene and beautiful on the surface, and paddling like fury below to keep moving. Still, there are a lot of things coming together slowly, and the response to A Baltic Affair has been very encouraging. Of course I won't have any idea of the actual sales for another couple of months, but from what I have seen and the feedback I've had from a few readers, I'm hoping it will get a great response.

In the meantime, I better get back to the 'history' I'm putting together (I don't like saying I'm writing it - one merely assembles the facts and information in a readable form) and the new Harry Heron I've started.

And the pup wants a walk again ...

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