Exploring Self Publishing

I'm exploring self-publishing. As in actually becoming my own publisher. I plan to start by taking control of e-publishing of my work under my own banner. Having read extensively on the pros and cons of this, my thinking is to start in a small way, but the first step is to find the right software. There are several programs available, but not all of them will do what I am looking for.  For e-publishing one needs a process that allows you to set up the interior design of your book in a professional manner, not every program will do exactly what is required.

Plus, you quickly discover that the current crop of programs available don't necessarily work on all readers and some may only be used to set up a book for a particular system. What I'm looking for is something that will let me do the layout and set up the chapter headings, headers and footers as I want them. There are quite a number of programs out there, but, as a Mac user, they need to be Mac compatible as well as user friendly. Finding the right one is proving tricky.

Still, I don't plan to rush this one, it's far too important not to get it right. So I have quite a bit more to research before making my move.

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