Developing a presence?

From time to time I do a search of the web to see where my books pop up. I get some surprising results sometimes, like the fact that an Australian bookseller has three copies of A Baltic Affair on eBay. Sometimes it is a much better result - from my perspective - such as this one at Historic Naval Fiction. It actually lists A Baltic Affair and all the Harry Heron series, starting with Their Lordships Request and running through Out of Time, The Enemy is Within! and On the Run. Obviously I'm interested to see where I might be getting reviews and, I hope, sales.

It is encouraging to see booksellers, both online and 'terrestrial' listing the books, one such being aLibris. Their Lordships Request comes up on AuthorsXpress, unfortunately with the original 'temporary' cover design, and several of my books have reviews on Blogcritics with reviews of Their Lordships Request, Out of Time and On the Run. Blue Ink Reviews have a nice review of The Enemy is Within! on their website and there are others to be found as well. They all come up on all the Amazon sites, which is great, and several on Barnes and Noble and on Google Books. Their Lordships Request is still available from 46South Publishing as an e-book at US$2.99 which is a bargain.

Unsurprisingly the books all appear on the Publishers websites as well, and certainly in the case of Abbott Press that is where to get the best price for On the Run

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