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The new cover is now available and will appear within days on the e-version of the Their Lordships Request, available from 46South Publishing. I will make sure there is a proper link to it in the "Store" section when I have it.

My original cover design was meant to look as if it had been executed by someone aboard the ship Harry is serving on, but I was never very satisfied with it. So I commissioned a new cover. Now I have to get it swopped onto the printed version, an exercise which I suspect will take longer than I think. Never mind, it will be worth the wait, of this I am pretty sure. In the meantime, here is an image of it ...

I have to say that I am very pleased with the finished product. I sent copies of the four final drafts round to a wide range of friends and family and got some very useful feedback on it. The consensus was divided between two of the four, but with the largest number preferring the cover above. Better yet, the publisher is delighted!

The final product is the work of Kura Carpenter in New Zealand, and I can heartily recommend her work to anyone else looking for a graphic cover designer. I'll happily supply her email to anyone interested in making contact. 

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